HexChecks Neutralizer Gallon Bottle Kit


HexChecksTM Neutralizer is an easy to use, cleaning solution that is designed to instantly neutralize Hexavalent Chromium (Cr +6) ion, also called HexChrome.

HexChrome can enter the industrial area through many processes such as plating, blasting, and welding operation. HexChrome is a known carcinogen and must be detected and neutralized in unwanted areas to keep your workers safe.

To use HexChecksTM Neutralizer, 4 Neutralizer Packs into a clean Neutralizer Gallon Bottle (3.78L). Add water and mix thoroughly. Apply the HexChecksTM Neutralizer solution on suspect area until wet. Let stand for 10 second, then wipe.

After neutralizing, use a HexChecksTM Testing Swab to verify HexChrome has been neutralized.

HexChecksTM Neutralizer will surely help you keep your workers safe as you Keep HexChrome in Check

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HexChecks – Hexavalent Chromium Neutralizer SDS -US-EN-1

Part Number: 500-100-004 Weight: 1.34lbsDimensions: 6 × 8 × 12 in Category:
    • One HexChecks Gallon Bottle
    • 8 HexChecks Neutralizer Packs
    • Specificity: Specific for hexavalent chromium ions (CrO4)-2
    • Stability: 30 days after the solution is made