HexChecks Cr6+ Test Swab Pro-Pack


Use for Detecting Hexavalent Chromium on any surface

  • Easy to Use
  • Visual Confirmation
  • Instant Results
  • On-Demand Testing
  • Officially tested and RECOMMENDED by the U.S. Air Force

HexChecksTM Testing Swabs are an easy-to-use, instant field test for detecting the presence of Hexavalent Chromium (Cr 6+) ions, also called HexChrome, on any surface.

HexChrome can enter the industrial area through many processes such as plating, blasting, and welding operation. HexChrome is a known carcinogen and must be detected and neutralized in unwanted areas to keep your workers safe.

To use HexChecksTM Testing Swabs, active the swab and swipe the suspect surface. When the Testing Swab comes in contact with HexChrome, the Testing Swab’s tip turns a pink/purple color. The darker the color, the higher the HexChrome concentration.

Each kit contains 10 Testing Swabs and a Safety Card. A Color Guide and How-to-Use instructions can be found on the back of the box. For more detailed instructions, please see Resource Page.

HexChecksTM Testing Swabs will surely help you keep your workers safe as you Keep HexChrome in Check

Sensitivity: < 0.1 microgram on solid surfaces
Specificity: Specific for hexavalent chromium ions (CrO4)-2
Stability: Indefinite shelf life
Interferences: Contact for more information

Instructions for Use, Technical Data, Safety Data Sheet

Part Number: 500-100-101 Weight: .78lbsDimensions: 9 × 2 × 3.4 in Categories: ,
SPECS Pro-Pack contains 10 Go-Packs (100 swabs total).